Age D’or

Quality is what defines the Luxgoldcare by Age d’or product family: the expertise of the cosmetics professionals and outstanding quality of materials.
The flagship product of Luxgoldcare by Âge D’or is Skin Perfector Cream. The cream is made of natural ingredients, for example 24 carat gold, hyaluron acid, Pentapeptide 3 and Evodia Rutaecarpa Fruit Extract which all have a strong and scientifically proven anti aging power. One of the ingredients, the Exopolis Saccharide (EPS) creates a visible tightening effect in just 15 minutes. The active complex formula of the cream helps the skin become more radiant, smooth and energetic.
The branding focused on the imagery of projected sunlight: the logo is inspired by the sunbeam reflected through a prism also the bottles and boxes are shot in a milieu of Mediterranean light.
Product development: A&T Cosmetics Ltd.